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Reduce void properties in Social Housing

Void properties present UK Housing Associations with major difficulties each year, having to contend with the impact of lost revenue, security concerns, additional administration and energy costs.

Voids may arise due to many reasons, and as no more than 4% of an association's total stock should be void, the need to deal with vacant properties promptly and re-letting them to tenants who will most benefit from them, is of utmost importance.

When properties become vacant it enables Housing Associations to meet the needs of those waiting for a home, but having to juggle longer relet times against more sustainable tenancies can be challenging.

Being able to depend on an effective IT Housing Allocations solution is key.

Variable advertising periods

Advertising a vacant property via Huume’s Allocate (Choice Based Lettings) solution can allow officers the flexibility of varying advertising periods. Properties can be added on any date, for any time period as standard, and include open-ended adverts for harder-to-let properties.

Flexible shortlisting options

Once a void has been created on the system, the flexibility of the Huume solution allows you to shortlist through CBL or by generating a shortlist in the back office. If the initial shortlist approach proves to be unsuccessful, officers can simply switch to the alternative method.

Tailor allocation criteria

Using Huume Allocate allows officers to tailor allocation criteria, per void. The generated shortlist will then contain the right people in the right order, resulting in a reduction of the shortlist processing time, and the number of times they may have to advertise a property.

Easy undo feature

Whilst processing the shortlist Huume allows officers to simply undo the last step with the click of a button, this allows for changes in applicant decisions, so that an officer does not have to start the process from the beginning.

Looking to reduce voids and minimise rent loss?

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