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Johnnie Johnson Housing partners with Huume to transform Choice Based Lettings

Johnnie Johnson Housing, a not-for-profit housing association providing quality homes across Northern England, has selected Huume Allocate – the innovative cloud-based Choice Based Lettings (CBL) solution for social housing.

With over 7000 properties, Johnnie Johnson Housing sought to enhance their Housing allocation offering to customers, upgrading from a direct lettings system, via the old-style waiting list approach, to a more flexible, modern Choice Based Lettings platform.

The housing association opted for Huume Allocate, due to its revolutionary functionality, offering front-end configuration capabilities, back-office ease of use and MIS integration. Alongside future-proofing and cultural fit and the team’s significant Housing industry experience.

Natalie Kaprielian, Operations Expert, at Johnnie Johnson Housing, commented “We are delighted to have appointed Huume as a trusted partner to transform our allocations. Implementing the Huume solution means that we can put the customer at the heart of the lettings process, allowing potential new residents to be actively involved in choosing their own home, on their own initiative, rather than being a passive recipient of an offer from JJH. It will also streamline the allocations process, provide reasonable choice to applicants and support the development of sustainable communities.”

To underpin the housing association’s motto of ‘Living longer, living better’, Huume’s agile and transparent CBL solution will empower housing applicants. Huume provides an intuitive and easy to navigate online application form, an informative customer dashboard, visibility of queue location, real-time eligibility and the capacity to set up alerts and upload documents to support an application. But, most importantly, it enables applicants to make informed decisions regarding the type of property they would most likely bid successfully.

As Huume Allocate is provided as a Software-as-a-Service, JJH will greatly benefit from updates and the latest functionality being automatically rolled-out to all users, at the same time, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades.

Natalie Kaprielian stated Unlike many other CBL models, Huume allows properties to be allocated using either a CBL approach, or by generating a shortlist directly from the Housing Register, giving JJH complete flexibility over the lettings process. And, as it is extremely ‘client-configurable’ allowing JJH the flexibility to scale as we grow, or as policies change, without having to depend on the supplier and incur additional costs.”

About Huume­ Huume is the innovative Housing Needs SaaS solution provider, that helps UK Housing Organisations automate and manage Social Housing information more effectively.

About Johnnie Johnson Housing Johnnie Johnson Housing is a not-for-profit housing association dedicated to offering affordable quality housing and services. Its portfolio of over 7,000 properties includes homes for general let, leasehold and shared ownership plus specialist homes for older people including purpose-built retirement properties for independent living.


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