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Managing multifaceted local connections

Granting social housing based on local connections can be complex and challenging to implement, particularly for authorities that are situated in a rural setting.

Due to these communities being located in the countryside, the parishes generally contain fewer properties and industrial buildings, and the land forms irregular shapes so a standard radius filter cannot be used.

Simply granting priority to households with a local parish connection is no longer adequate. These schemes need to consider several layers of local connection criteria to ensure that accommodation is allocated to the right qualifying person(s).

These layers of priority now need to include connections to neighbouring parishes, and sometimes even further afield, with links to parishes neighbouring those. These policies have to be flexible and feature all qualifying criteria, such as living in the area and a strong association to the local area, including family association and local employment.

Local connection management made easy

The Huume solution allows authorities to easily build different layers of local connection priorities, and automate the selection - removing the need to export shortlists into spreadsheets to determine the correct order of applicants.

Even the most complex scenarios can be effectively managed, including:

  • Each property can be given different local connection priorities

  • Multiple layers of priority can be created per property

  • Numerous Parishes can be grouped together

  • Create local authority wide connections

Looking to automate your local connection priorities?

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