Modern Housing Project

Huume Framework

Huume is a user-friendly, mobile-responsive housing web application to manage all housing needs, enabling increased efficiencies, improved customer service and risk reduction.


Huume consists of three modules built around a common framework which provides advanced security, self-service customisable forms and workflow, a valuable communications centre, integration with other systems and customisable, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting.

Built using the latest technology and designed to be device independent, this modern and flexible solution can be operated on any internet-connected browser and platform, so that users can work anytime, from anywhere.

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Huume Homeless

The smarter, self-service and configurable Homeless SaaS solution designed for prevention, relief and Homeless case management, and is fully compatible with the Homeless Reduction Act and H-CLIC reporting.


Huume Register

The innovative and flexible Huume Register provides all the functionality users need to easily and efficiently manage a housing register, offering automatic calculations of different bed size, banding and points policies.


Huume Allocate

The Huume Allocate module is a modern and intuitive nomination and choice-based lettings allocation solution that is smart, flexible and effectively supports multiple allocations policies. 

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functionality used by all modules

  • Offering encryption, threat detection & prevention

  • Full audit

  • Data privacy and retention aligned to meet your policies

  • Self-service customisable forms and workflows

  • Ability to select appropriate communications methods

  • Customisable dashboards and reporting

  • Integration with other systems

People are at the heart of Huume solutions

Within Huume the people register plays a fundamental role. It enables users to capture information about the people they are assisting and then link these people to specific cases, which are then used as the basis for all applications and processes that follow.


People are linked to cases, sometimes more than one, in order to provide full flexibility to manage cases effectively and efficiently.

Designed with security best practices and latest technologies

  • Simple and secure team logins with advanced single sign on

  • Granular levels of data control, protecting sensitive cases and sharing only appropriate information through targeted permissions

  • Actions fully audited & recorded according to data retention policies

  • Data fully protected with industry standard encryption

  • Continuous threat detection to protect against new vulnerabilities

  • Designed with advanced GDPR options and settings

Solutions that are made with users in mind

  • Customisable data retention designed to suit your process

  • Customisable forms and workflows

  • Email and SMS integration

  • Ability to tailor content to best suit how message will be sent

  • Reach out in multiple ways at once, saving time

  • Easy access to past communications

Customisable and easy to use reporting & dashboards

  • Case dashboards summarise what’s next and current actions

  • At a glance dashboards provide overview of workload

  • Flexible pivot-grid reporting with Excel compatibility

  • Easily create and run pre-defined reports

  • Sharing custom reports, ad-hoc reporting

  • Standard integration options available with no consultancy charges