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Customise the Public Portal in-house

As part of our continued drive to provide clients with more control over the Housing Needs system, we've enhanced the public portal allowing for changes to be implemented in-house and without the need for developers.

Brand and style your portal pages

As part of the system administration the website header, footer, homepage and additional content can all be managed in-house, without the need for developers to be involved. Custom styles and site theme colours can easily be configured in line with your organisation's branding.

Know your customers

Website analytics has been integrated directly into the system to enable users to easily understand where and how customers are accessing the system.

Public portal actions and message access

When applicants log into the public portal they now have access to both their messages and any actions that have been assigned to them, ensuring that all the information they need is easily accessible and in one place.

View letters and messages in portal

Any letters or messages sent to an applicant are displayed in their portal account. Information relating to when messages have been read on the portal is captured and displayed in the back office, for true visibility.

Gather information easier with new Actions features

'Actions' has new functionality too to make the gathering of information easier. This new feature means that the back-office can request files from applicants via the portal.

Applicants now have access to any actions that may have been assigned to them, via their portal account. These may be requests for additional information or confirmation that they have undertaken additional tasks.

Any documents that are uploaded can be automatically flagged for review on a user’s dashboard.

To ensure applicants don’t miss any important information in their portal account, automatic weekly reminder emails are sent to those who have outstanding actions or unread emails.

Advertise only and Exclude from bid count

To provide more flexibility there are two new features for property adverts; Advertise only and Exclude from bid count.

‘Advertise only’ allows a property advert to be created where an applicant cannot place a bid on it. All details about how an applicant expresses an interest in the property are contained within the advert.

‘Exclude from bid count’ allows an applicant with a set number of bids, to place a bid on the property without it being included in their bid count, this can be particularly useful when advertising hard-to-let properties.


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