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SaaS Security: How to protect Housing data

Security is a primary concern for today's UK Housing Needs market and with the world turning to digital it seems more and more Housing Associations are adopting SaaS models, and for good reason.

If you haven’t transitioned to SaaS yet, moving to a cloud-based solution isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Understandably, being anxious about entrusting a third-party provider with your data can be daunting. However, modern SaaS solutions are incredibly secure.

Built using the latest technologies, SaaS models offer SLAs, simple deployment, off-site data storage and backup, powerful firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion prevention systems, transferal of data and access controls to protect your organisation and its data - so switching should be an easy, secure and efficient process.

Safeguarding your data

Here’s how SaaS Housing Needs models can safeguard your data:

  • Advanced single sign-on to reduce unauthorised access

  • Granular levels of control and targeted permissions to limit unnecessary sharing of data

  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit so that data remains hidden from or inaccessible to unauthorised users

  • Full audit and record of actions according to data retention policies to help distinguish any security infringements

  • Continuous threat detection to protect against new vulnerabilities

  • GDPR and DPA processes are adhered to

Thinking of switching your Housing Needs solution to a SaaS model?

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