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A chance to change the norm

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Huume starts here. Building on over 14 years of experience developing and supporting

social housing and homeless software at Abritas, and combining this knowledge with cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, true cloud hosting and social media integrations, it's a compelling modern offering in a traditional market.

Our team has worked with more than 200 local authorities and housing associations, helping them to deliver efficient services and adapt to changing legislation. With this broad knowledge base, our software can deliver something tailored from the very first click.

Huume is a completely different type of software to those out there now. It is exciting, streamlined for users and at the cutting edge of technology. People are at the heart of the software rather than processes.

communicate in the way they feel most comfortable

With this in mind, at its core, our software communicates with users in the way they feel most comfortable rather than what is traditional. The ways of keeping in touch have massively changed over the last decade and most local authority software has struggled to keep up. It's at the core of huume software.

Join us on the journey #startup #huume #journey

About the Author

Huume Ltd is the innovative IT Housing solutions provider, personalising Housing Needs for UK Housing Organisations. Read more posts from Huume.


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