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New functionality to advance social housing needs management

As Huume is a SaaS housing needs solution we are able to produce new functionality in response to customers' needs and roll out to all users automatically. This enables customers to react to changing situations quickly, without downtime or incurred costs.

So here's what's new...



Generated shortlists

As well as being able to allocate properties through CBL and direct matches, users can now generate shortlists manually as standard. A void can be advertised through the public site and if unsuccessful a shortlist can be created automatically, identifying the most eligible applicants based on the priorities specified. This shortlist can then be processed in the same way as a CBL shortlist.

Advert templates

Advert templates provide administrators with the ability to configure how property adverts appear on the public portal. Different templates can be setup for different advert types; social rent, shared ownership, etc. The template allows control over what fields are displayed on the advert and in what order, as well as the ability to add standard text. Each advert template can be setup to use different fields and have different colour schemes to make them easily identifiable.

Standard auto-bid

The auto-bidding functionality is provided in the system as standard. Applicants can be setup to have the system bid on their behalf using intelligent options to ensure bids are placed on appropriate properties. Bids can be limited based on area, property type, level access and sheltered need.


The shortlisting workflow has been updated to allow users to nominate specific applicants from a shortlist through to a landlord for their consideration. To provide maximum flexibility this can be carried out per property to allow users to utilise this functionality for some landlords but not others.

Offer refusal tracking

As part of the shortlisting workflow, new functionality automatically tracks the number of offers an applicant has refused over time. This includes the ability to categorise between both reasonable and unreasonable offers over the previous 3, 6 and 12 months.



Public portal homeless triage form

The option of a new triage form has been added to the Homeless module. This functionality allows a configurable homeless triage form to be accessed from the public portal to capture an applicant’s homelessness situation. The form can be triggered based on an applicant's responses to ensure it is only displayed to those people who require it.

Personal housing plan on public portal

A new dedicated area has been added to the public portal to allow applicants to manage their Personal Housing Plan online. As soon as an applicant is assigned a PHP action they are able to view the Plan online and complete any actions assigned to them.

TA placements and void tracking

Integration between both the Allocations and Homeless modules ensures a more consistent approach when allocating TA placements. All property and void information is stored in the central Property Register, regardless of its use. When creating Temporary Accommodation placements, the system knows which of the properties are empty to allow efficient use of the resources.




Reviews can now be undertaken against individual strands of a case or on the case as a whole. The review form can be fully configured and setup with logic to display different sets of fields depending on the type of review. Reviews created against Homeless applications include all the necessary fields as standard for the H-CLIC submission.


We have introduced flexible Team functionality that allows users to configure the organisational structure into the system to effectively monitor both individual and team workloads. This functionality has also been incorporated into lists to allow users to easily create custom reports and dashboards.


The system now allows landlord records to be added and updated through a fully configurable form. As well as being in control of landlord details the functionality also allows users to easily update landlord logos for adverts.



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