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Meet the Huume Public Portal

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The modern Huume Public Portal provides applicants a user-friendly self-service platform so that they can proactively research and locate suitable social housing properties for themselves.

Due to the majority of applicants now using mobile devices the Portal uses a mobile first design strategy, allowing users to be able to find a suitable home from anywhere, at any time. The Portal is fully mobile responsive whilst still providing desktop users the same high-quality experience. 

The Portal content and formatting has been carefully considered to provide applicants the best user-experience, so that they can take a proactive approach to finding a property themselves.

Applicants can search for properties by applying filters and viewing either in a grid view (list), or map view. See below:






Simple icons have been used on each property listing, so that at a glance applicants can easily:

  • View their queue position

  • See the number of bids on a property so far

  • Find out if they are eligible

  • View numbers of bedrooms

  • View if the property has a garden

  • Discover if the property allows pets

  • See if the property has parking

Once interested in a property, applicants can view the complete property listing to:

  • Look at the property photos

  • Learn about the property details

  • Discover the rental costs

  • Locate the property on google maps, street view and bing maps

  • Discover the local area details such as transports and amenities

Applicants can discover why they are not eligible for a property, bid on a suitable property, withdraw a bid, or when bidding select the 'preferred property' in the pop-up window to assist landlords with shortlisting.


The portal offers true self-service functionality for applicants, allowing them to update their own details, amend family information, update addresses, amend the Housing Register information, change their password, change email address, view any messages or actions and upload and view documents, all from their phones, tablets or desktop.

Looking for a modern Social Housing bidding portal?

Get in touch or call 0118 336 1005

About the Author

Huume Ltd is the innovative IT Housing solutions provider, personalising Housing Needs for UK Housing Organisations. Read more posts from Huume.


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