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Huume's functionality just got smarter!

We've been working hard to provide you with the best features and functionality that will truly make a difference to simplifying and streamlining the process of managing housing needs.

Form Editor

We've added new functionality to the Form Editor that behaves intelligently and helps manage data more effectively with custom fields and configuration, and advanced logic and providing more control over application forms.

The Form Editor now allows users to modify standard conditional logic as well as add their own rules to any fields.

It also enables rules to be assigned to either fields or groups, which can be used to determine whether something is visible on the form based on the value of other fields, or used to display a validation warning.

The Logic Editor allows complex rules to be created comparing multiple field values using both AND and OR operators. These features allow forms in both the back office and the public portal to behave intelligently and react to ensure users only need to see and complete the questions that are relevant to them. All of this can be configured instantly without the need for any development knowledge or lengthy time-consuming projects.

The Form Editor has also been updated to allow the creation of people subforms on the back-office Housing Register form.

These allows back-office users to benefit from the same intuitive user interface that applicants have on the public portal. This functionality can also incorporate conditional logic rules to help streamline the data input process.

Further updates to the Form Editor also allow more control over both the standard fields provided with the system and any custom fields added. New features such as grouping fields together give greater control over the appearance of forms, as well as making their maintenance simpler.

Questions relating to individual members of a household can easily be embedded within the housing register application, both on the public portal and in the back office.

Additional rules now allow questions to be directed towards only the primary applicant, joint applicants or a selection of household members based on their ages.

A new ‘quick add’ form has been created that allows extra household members to be added into the system easily, when creating applications in the back office. This is a fully configurable form that allows you to decide what information is needed for each person.

The Huume solutions keeps track of all relationships between the different members of a household. The relationship types have been expanded to allow more detailed levels to be captured with over 40 different types provided as standard.

Message security

The delivery format used for customer communications has been updated to provide greater security. Instead of attaching letters to emails, all communications are now accessed by customers on the public portal. This ensures no personal information is sent in an insecure format. The customer will only receive an email informing them they have a new message that is then accessed via the portal.

Message wrappers & templates

Both the message wrapper and template editors have been updated to bring the creation of new versions in line with the approach used in the Form Editor, creating greater visibility and accessibility.

New features have also been added to allow users greater visibility of how the final version of the letter will look with a new preview mode.

As well as being able to add any field from the system or specific content regions to a template or wrapper, we have also included a number of standard links to pages on the public portal that can easily be added. This allows references to the home page, log in page, my account page, etc to be quickly added to any message.

Message creation

The process of sending a message to a customer has been improved and streamlined.

Users can also preview the email that will be sent informing the customer they have a new message to read on the portal. The letters can be generated as a PDF and printed for posting if that is what the customer has requested in their communications preferences.


Contact records can now be related to People to provide complete transparency. Contacts allow the creation of records to store details of support workers, landlords, probation officers, etc and then related to any customers that they may be involved with.

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