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Housing Technology: Huume launches Housing Needs modules

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

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Huume has unveiled a customisable suite of SaaS-based 'housing needs' modules, including choice-based lettings (CBL), housing register (HR) and homelessness (English, Scottish and Welsh versions).

Kevin Millard, Product Manager, Huume said "Many housing-specific systems no longer provide value to housing providers and local authorities so we've carried out meticulous research and assessments to ensure that our solutions exceed the housing needs of today. Huume transforms the way that 'housing needs' software is delivered in order to make better use of housing teams' time and resources".

All Huume modules have been built using a common framework and latest technologies which are delivered via a mobile responsive web application.

Millard said "Having collaborated with housing officers to build the ideal solution, our modules offer the best of both worlds; an external purpose-built system that helps control and manage housing needs effortlessly, whilst providing the flexibility of an in-house system due to the modules self-configuration functionality."

"When circumstance changes, much like the pandemic we are experiencing today, we understand that systems need to be easy to adapt. Huume allows the modification of form layouts and help text, and the ability to create new fields and field labels. Once implemented data can be stored immediately."

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