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Do Housing application forms need to be so complex?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

For many years we have encountered Housing application forms of all kinds; from the very short and concise few pages, to the extreme multi-page, multi-layer forms that require applicants to answer hundreds of questions about themselves. Even the mid-size forms can be quite daunting, with several pages of information to be addressed.

So, do Housing application forms really need to be so long and complicated?

Traditional data capture has served its time.

Traditionally, Housing application form data has been captured for multiple purposes across multiple departments, resulting in an inordinate amount of questions, and data collection at the initial registration stage. Some of this information may only become relevant in later stages of the Housing application process, with some of the data never to be utilised at all.

Whilst this once appeared to be the ideal method for data to be completed and reviewed at the same time, this approach has often led to information being out of date and irrelevant in the later stages of the application process, by months, and at times even years. So, is it really worthwhile collecting vast quantities of data at a time that the information isn’t relevant?

It’s no secret, Housing application forms are changing!

In a world where streamlining is standard practice, and efficiencies are calculated, why are some Housing systems no longer fulfilling today’s requirements?

Only collect the data that is needed now

To eliminate the unnecessary large request of data, and the applicant’s laborious entry of said data, the segmentation of large application forms, to create smaller more manageable sets of questions, provides a much more efficient route of collecting and managing relevant data. Moreover, it provides applicants with a much better user experience, with a lot fewer questions, and is less overwhelming. By only capturing applicant data that is needed at that point in time, the best and most relevant decisions can be made based upon the up-to-date information held.

Easily request additional data when it is needed

Harnessing the power of modern and intelligent solutions, communications with customers can now be much smarter and more efficient too. Can you imagine being able to communicate with a customer directly in the system? The process of requesting more information from an applicant, and the process of an applicant informing you of a change, should both be easy and seamless to manage. An effective two-way flow of information enables officers to be holding the right applicant data at the right time.

Why choose Huume?

As social housing processes continue to evolve, innovation is core to meeting these needs. Huume’s fresh, innovative Housing application form provides:

  • Shorter, more proficient sub-forms – these forms only need to be completed when the information becomes relevant to the application

  • Ability for back office staff to request data from applicants – by sending a request to complete additional sub-forms or missing information, all from within the system

Huume Housing Application Sub-forms
Huume Housing Application - Sub-forms

Optimise your application form.

If you would like information about how Huume can optimise your data collection process please get in touch, call on 0118 336 1005 or email

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Huume Ltd is the innovative IT Housing solutions provider, personalising Housing Needs for UK Housing Organisations. Read more posts from Huume.


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