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Data Migration: A barrier to change?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Change is difficult for many of us, one of the main reasons organisations do not change their IT system is due to the simple fact they do not want to have to deal with (the perceived mammoth task of) moving data from an existing system to a new system, despite the multitude of benefits.

We have all heard of, or experienced first-hand, projects where everything has gone smoothly right up to the point of data migration, only for it all to spiral out of control when the data is loaded. However, through experience these risks can be controlled and mitigated when you plan accordingly, resulting in a painless transition to a more advanced and advantageous solution.

Most importantly, these worries should not be a barrier to upgrading to a system that provides your organisation and its users with increased functionality, productivity, efficiencies and reduced costs. Ultimately you all will reap the benefits of a new solution.

When speaking to clients about data migration we ask them what data needs to be moved, their immediate answer is always ‘everything’. Generally, people are averse to change, they like things to remain familiar - this is very appropriate when switching housing needs systems. If users are required to change, they want to take as much with them as possible to retain familiarity, whether it’s necessary or not.

A new housing system implementation can be the perfect opportunity to review current data and determine the quality of what is being stored, as well as the quantity. For some clients the chance to start afresh with a new system, with clean data is the perfect solution.

For all data migration exercises it is important to understand exactly what data is needed from an operational point of view. Once this is clearly defined it allows the project team to have a clear understanding of what their goal is. Whilst taking all data across to a new system is very convenient for users it is not necessarily the most cost-effective route. If historical data is very rarely accessed then it may be more appropriate to store this data in external data stores outside of the system. By understanding your data and how users make use of it allows you to make informed decisions that can be fed into the project plan.

Our team of housing experts have many years’ experience of helping clients understand their data and creating clearly defined data migration plans. They have in depth knowledge of data structures used in a number of Housing Needs systems that ensures that data migration does not need to be a barrier when it is managed correctly.

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